Leadership Mindset Coaching

You may consider Leadership Mindset Coaching, especially in situations when you:

  • Struggle in conflict or difficult situation: you are either too dominating or frequently withdrawn.
  • Face difficulty in setting your own boundaries and being assertive. You sacrifice your needs to fulfill the needs of others, to avoid worsening relationship.
  • Your relationships suffer as you struggle to trust others, being suspicious. You avoid people or social situations.
  • Feel totally exhausted and emotionally drained while executing certain tasks (e.g. giving feedback, making presentations having difficult conversations).
  • Have strong, intrusive negative thoughts (about yourself or others) that generate tension, pressure, anxiety, and stress and/or focus on all the potential danger that could go wrong.
  • Lose self-confidence due to strong inner critic (downplaying yourself, taking everything personally, harshly self-judging, and comparing yourself).
  • Experience self-doubt, fear, shame, guilt, or any other intense and overwhelming emotions impacting your actions and performance.
  • Operate under one of the limiting patterns that affect your effectiveness as a leader:
    • You are dissatisfied with your actions and constantly strive for perfection.
    • You take on the role of a rescuer in relationships, assuming responsibility for others.
    • You are highly focused on external success, leading to unsustainable workaholic tendencies.
    • You avoid and procrastinate on unpleasant tasks and conflicts.
    • You indirectly try to gain acceptance and affection by helping, pleasing, or flattering others.
    • You feel the need to take charge and control situations and people’s actions to your own will leading to high anxiety and impatience when that is not possible.
    • You focus exclusively on the rational processing of everything, including relationships, you overanalyze.


magdalena Manager
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"The coaching program helped me rebuild my self-confidence, believe in my abilities again, and strengthen my managerial skills. I believe that, thanks to this program, I have become a better employee, a better manager, and a better person. The changes are drastic and noticeable to the naked eye. Above all, I am more open to people, smile more often, and engage in conversations willingly. In my interactions with others, I am positive, professional, and calm. I am starting to consciously build my business image. I can handle criticism and manipulation. Dorota, you have the ability to accurately summarize the discussed topic and point the way out of difficult situations. The knowledge you share directly translates into practice, and it can be effectively applied in everyday situations, often helping me achieve success. I wanted to thank you very much for your help and support on my challenging journey of transformation."
IzabelaProject Manager
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"I am aware that I am not an easy client. Often, sessions with Dorota started tumultuously, with very emotional moments where I was overwhelmed by suppressed emotions. I was often unable to articulate everything that was bothering me at that moment. I would mix things up, jump from topic to topic, and couldn't provide clear answers. Fortunately, Dorota's gift is always to remain calm, navigate through the chaos, and find the center and the source of the problem. With her innate calmness and skill, Dorota can pinpoint where the real issue lies. She asks questions so skillfully that the true conflict reveals itself. Through subtle guidance, she directs towards a solution, diverting attention from escalating emotions. I never felt judgment or misunderstanding from her side. Her focus on solving what was bothering me was always a priority. Many times, Dorota showed me how to ease a heated conflict and find an ally in an adversary. During the sessions, I learned that by focusing on the goal instead of proving one's arguments to someone, I would achieve what mattered most to me and maintain a good atmosphere at work. Thanks to conversations with Dorota, I understood that everyone, in their diversity, needs different arguments and information for collaboration. Many times, she transformed my judgment into an understanding of others' needs. She said, 'the 'yellow' person is more expressive, and the 'blue' person will need numbers to strive for a common goal.' I learned to personalize communication and motivate people more effectively at work, and above all, to speak openly and more understandably in private life. I particularly remember one conflict with a very aggressive person who aroused all the negative emotions in me. Dorota showed me how not to fall into the trap of emotional games and maintain focus on my needs. Thanks to these techniques, there was no conflict. I also established new ways of action and assertively set my boundaries. This is one of many examples where I didn't succumb to emotions, and they later resulted in a promotion."
Justyna MichalskaManager
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"Despite many private successes, fulfillment in family life, and professional achievements, I increasingly struggled with internal blockage. At work, I often felt unheard, lacking persuasive power. I always yielded, and when I attempted to assertively set boundaries, I faced aggression and unpleasant reactions, which, unfortunately, strained further relationships. Moreover, my perfectionism and diligence didn't allow for spontaneity or creativity, something I deeply missed in life. Mainly at work, my opinions and suggestions were not heard, while individuals with similar recommendations could loudly speak about them and receive approval. This paralyzed me and discouraged me from speaking up in forums. In addition, every success of mine required enormous effort, sacrifices, and often renunciations. Nothing came easy, but this hard work always led to advancement or rewards. However, people around me, especially at work, showed me that success came very easily to them, which seemed unfair, sparking doubt and a sense of injustice in me. Sessions with you, Dorota, brought a lot of peace and belief in myself into my life. Progress came faster than I expected. I saw immediate effects at work. Indeed, I changed my professional environment, and there (thanks to your tremendous support), I quickly became known as an open, positive, and wise person. I can set boundaries, speak up, propose recommendations, and conduct collaborative conversations. Just as I always wanted 😊 Work and office meetings truly bring me joy now, unlike before – stress and a perpetual feeling of inadequacy. I am much calmer, rid of burdensome tensions I carried for years... I know how to deal with short-term stress. Thank you once again for your help in transformation."
Pawełmenedżer sprzedaży, lider zespołu.
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"Before the process with Dorota, I had very good communication with my subordinate team. However, in relationships with the parallel managerial team, things weren't going well for me. I lacked the strength to break through. I feared being negatively judged by other team members. I often yielded and changed my positions just to avoid confrontation. I always felt inferior to other managers. I desperately wanted to gain their respect, even if it meant compromising the interests of my team and me. I closed myself off to confrontation, which, in turn, created an untrue image of myself. I was perceived as a manager who only focused on their own agenda, disregarding others. I was on the verge of professional burnout. Everything seemed to be going in the right direction, work results were at a good level, but the constant pressure to raise the bar became very exhausting. I really wanted to earn the recognition of superiors and stand out among other managers at my level. Consequently, I worked very long hours, failing to balance my professional and private life. I began setting higher performance standards for myself and became disheartened when I didn't achieve the set goal by 100%. For me, 90% was a failure. I lived in constant tension and blind pursuit of perfection, which eventually led to fatigue. Over time, I couldn't find joy in my personal life due to constant work-related thoughts. I stopped being a member of my closest family. After just a few sessions with Dorota, I saw my chance to reclaim myself. I decided to completely open up so she could diagnose my problem. Perhaps after the second meeting, we agreed to go out into the field, and there, I literally expelled all my negative emotions. I was shocked at how much tension left me. I felt free from the past and ready for change. Dorota and I made a contract that motivated me to work on myself and not give up. I agreed to any available methods to boost my self-confidence. After fulfilling my contract commitments with Dorota, I began to 'love myself.' Gradually, I stopped seeking approval from others and started appreciating who I am as a person and manager. In uncertain situations, I simply asked. I stopped making assumptions and scenarios about what others thought of me. I began to work as best as I could, and it brought me joy. Finally, I focused on rebuilding my relationship with my wife and son. I decided to change my life to give myself joy and happiness. Today, I work much less, freed myself from what stressed me the most - constant raising of the bar. I changed jobs. I engage in projects I believe in. I do them with conviction. I consistently strive for my goals and give myself time for that. And most interestingly, I earn a similar level of income as before. After two years, I see a significant positive change in my relationship with my wife. Now, we work together, so we spend a lot of time together. We even have common goals. I talk more with my son, even though he's growing up and starting to live his own life. I am constantly learning to derive joy from life. I accept everything as it is. Thanks to this, there are no bad situations or bad solutions. Nothing happens without a reason. In the end, some positive always emerges. If you want to change something in your life, take advantage of the opportunity to work with Dorota. It's crucial to literally open up to everything. She will tailor the appropriate method specifically for you. It's truly worth it. For yourself. Because you are worth it."
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"The program helped me the most in the realm of self-awareness – negative beliefs I held about myself turned out to be lies. It was a liberating experience. This knowledge not only helped me understand many stressful situations at work but also allowed me to react differently to them and free myself from the associated stress, which significantly impacts my well-being and satisfaction at work. I noticed that I gained more distance from myself. I also stopped being overly critical of myself and discrediting myself in my position. This means less complaining to others and better humor at work, which I believe is also noticeable by others. The tailored program helped me understand the blocking mechanisms, tangibly influencing my well-being at work, making me even more determined to stay in this role and continue developing."
MarkTeam Manager
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The program helped me to reflect on my assumptions and go-to communication style and to understand the impact this has on myself and my counterparts. I feel much more at ease and calm in complex discussions, in presenting an opposing point of view to audiences, even more senior audiences in a constructive way and I observe more positive reactions to my communication.The style of coaching is quite challenging and this allows thing to resonate and have more than a superficial impact. It forces one to really reflect even after the session has ended. I feel, I can have more productive and constructive interactions with different stakeholders which allow us to come to an optimal collaborative outcome with win-win solutions. I have a tendency to be quite stuck in my ways and I feel like you challenged me just the right amount to be open to change and others. I appreciate all the work we did together very much and I can already see an actual improvement to my work life as well as to my personal well-being.
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"The program allowed me to recognize and work through certain patterns of my own thinking that hindered my ability to manage relationships with other people, including relationships in the business environment. Understanding these mechanisms, the origin of their formation, and their 'healing' were valuable to me. I see improvement in managing stress and clear, transparent communication of my thoughts in situations where I can expect an unfavorable reaction. This translates into better team performance management and more effective communication with the team/colleagues/clients. I really appreciate that your approach allows addressing the source of problems and working in this area, rather than just superficially dealing with symptoms. I am very pleased that we had the opportunity to work in this way, and I thank you for the good cooperation!"
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"Thanks to coaching sessions, I could better understand the reasons why I approach certain tasks in a specific way, why I perform tasks as I do. I identified the potential that I had all along but was blocked. By recognizing and deeply analyzing the patterns of my actions, I could consciously work on improving them. I approach interactions with other colleagues in a less emotional, more conscious way. I gained distance from the belief that I should always know everything and do everything perfectly. I was positively surprised by the whole process – I received a solid analysis of the origins of certain behaviors, and as I convinced myself, working on the genesis rather than on schematic 'learning' of behaviors brought very good results. Dorota, thank you very much for approaching the work with me in a fully professional manner, based on partnership principles. I am glad I could work with you in an atmosphere of openness and trust."
Katarzyna TackiewiczDelivery Analyst
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I highly value Dorota as a competent and passionate coach. I generally found sessions with her one of the best decisions in my life. We were working together on my professional and personal development and it’s truly helped me to change my life. I became much more positive person and I was successful in applying for a new, higher position in Shell Aviation team.
MateuszDyrektor d/s Operacji
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"The coaching program helped me approach the topic of interactions, business relationships, and active participation in meetings in a more organized and systematic way. The value for me was in the techniques for managing emotions and stress. I noticed a more conscious approach to relationships, making deliberate decisions about my attitude. I liked the approach, openness, support, and continuous stimulation for reflection. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to develop professionally and interpersonally."
Łukasz JagłaHead of Central Procurement Office at BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
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"For my team, Dorota implemented a development program aimed at increasing teamwork effectiveness. The greatest value for me was the excellent collaboration, creativity, and the creation of an atmosphere of dialogue and openness. Thanks to the program, I got to know the individuals in my team better, their uniqueness, and the potential they bring. I understood the individual needs of each team member, based, among other things, on their behavior styles and the values that guide them towards success. There was greater openness in communication, empathy, and a mutual appreciation of achievements within the team."
Marcin MolendaCEO MarCelLi Adv Tech Sp. z o.o.; Director of the Board
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"I appreciate Dorota for her professionalism and high level of competence. The business coaching I participated in was a completely new experience for me, which undoubtedly contributed to my development and acquisition of new business skills. I got to know my behavior and communication style, allowing me to build relationships more effectively, conduct business conversations, and negotiate. It was also important for me to define the key values of my company, determine the organizational structure and company strategy, and specify the competencies required for various positions at MarCelLi Adv Tech Sp. z o.o."
Katarzyna DamService Delivery Manager
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During my business mentoring sessions I received from Dorota full support and professional coaching. She was always well prepared and helpful, also able to share her experience and different perspectives. During half-year time I learned a lot, I gained few new perspectives on my personal development and met new activities which will help me to grow. I can highly recommend Dorota as a business coach and mentor.
Michał FicOperations Manager
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Being a manager time to time I wonder why other people cannot see the sense in what I am saying or doing. Sometimes I feel easily tricked or coerced into agreeing when, with hindsight, I wished I had stood my ground. Influencing skills workshop lead by Dorota helped me to boost my confidence, effectiveness and professional impact by giving me practical skills and tools to gain the co-operation of others and bring them around to my way of thinking. Personal touch in the observation and feedback process combined with selected content helped me to identify the ideas that helped me the most. I felt enthusiastic about implementing what I learned during the course and very soon I noticed significant progress.
Jozsef CselenyiTeam Manager
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Coaching sessions with Dorota enabled me to discover my broad potential, grow as a person and become a stronger manager. What I discovered and learned helped me to succeed in my professional life and reach important goals. I also realized that my success is in my hand. Dorota built a very trustful and professional relationship during our sessions. Her enthusiasm and professionalism amazed me. She introduced the methods very comprehensively and made the sessions extremely enjoyable. I am using quite often all the tools and methods I learned from her.
Brano KovalcikTeam Manager
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As an incoming Team Manager for Debt Collection team, I undertook the opportunity to have coaching & mentoring sessions with Dorota with a great vigour. Dorota’s Approach to coaching and interest in developing others through mentoring was valued not only by me but all of my colleagues. Having the chance to broaden my perspective on challenges I had, discover own solutions as well as hints and tips on how to best manage everyday situations and possible hurdles in the new position was priceless. Dorota was very effective in building relationship based on trust that enabled me to discuss all issues on a very personal level. I am glad that most of the ideas worked out during our sessions are still being implemented. In my opinion Dorota is a highly qualified individual who combines coaching skills with her practical knowledge to help others.
Dorota SobotaKoordynator Biura Making Waves
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"I admit that I had high expectations for the meeting with Dorota. I found everything I needed. Above all, there was an incredible energy and a restoration of faith in my own abilities. Dorota was able to ask questions that allowed me to get to the heart of the problem. Each subsequent question led to an explanation of the problem I was facing. I gained a clear picture of how, step by step, I could overcome any difficulties. After the conversation, I started making changes. It turned out I didn't have to wait long – at the beginning of September, I had my first interview. Everything happened very quickly because by the end of September, I was already employed :). The new position was completely unfamiliar to me, but the attitude towards work won out. Thanks to Dorota, this interview went completely differently than previous ones. I am very grateful for the session and all the guidance that allowed me to transform my professional situation."